Finished cloth is a ready piece of fabric that could be converted into any type of wearable dress by using processes like stitching, cutting, crocheting and embroidery. Role of a high quality finished cloth is very significant in development of preferable dress material. Carrying with it the qualities like strength, elasticity, durable solid colours and ability to remain intact even after processes like cutting, tailoring, sewing etc., a finished cloth is highly appreciated for creating fantastic dresses for end consumers. To meet the ever increasing demands of the cloth brands, we at Shree Shyam Exim deliver unique, colourful and even plain textures in our versatile finished clothing range.

We make sure that our finished cloth remains fresh as much as possible and pleases anyone who wears it in the form of an attire. We produce finished cloth that varies in colours, textures and sometimes has solid to design patterns. Our end consumers love to experiment with the amazing range of finished cloth we offer at reasonable pricing. Consumers can book their orders after confirming their details on our website or via phone. A major chunk of the finished cloth we provide goes to nations like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Peru, UK and USA etc.

Come and enrich your soul with the silky texture of our finished cloth, suitable for multiple types of garment creations. Along with that, you can also check products like yarn filaments, yarn threads, dyed yarns from our enriched palette of creation.