As fashion and personal preferences keep on changing day by day, so is our unique approach to offering you the very best of clothing range. At Shree Shyam Exim, a wholesome range of high quality dying, finished fabric and innovative varieties of yarn threads and filaments could be explored. With new possibilities in the patterns and reliable fabric making and dying processes, it is known for offering export quality material. Be it a strong yet colourful filament that gets converted into a beautiful fabric or a plain looking piece of fabric that finds its way into a vibrant dying pattern, we keep on exploring the beautiful relation between threads, yarns, dyes and fabric materials.

Our product range is known for its innovative designs, high quality materials and ability to adapt to client’s expectations. We understand that personal preferences vary to a great extent and people like to experiment with their fabrics too. That’s why we keep on exploring new horizons of fabric designing using suitable dying processes. The dyed fabrics provided by us are vibrant, long-lasting and show bundles of creativity. Same goes true for the fabrics developed and exported by us. It is designed keeping in mind modern day lifestyle. Being breathable, it allows the wearer to feel fresh even after long stretches of working hours or while commuting. The fabulous designs assure that the fabrics are equally comforting and pleasing to the eyes. The finished clothing range is suitable to withstand various processes like stitching, cutting, crocheting and embroidery etc.

We weave each and every thread to perfection and assure that the filaments produced by us are of finest quality and remain intact even during fabric making processes. The filaments have multiple thread counts and possess durable fabric colours. To know more about our product offerings in detail, please explore individual product section on this website.